System Requirements

These requirements are approximate and may change in the future.


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Windows 64 bit exec402dc57e1bf998d2b5cc596ca834107d30f538b07d9c62fbf4966394a58bf6f
You may need to click through the square blue Windows SmartScreen filter. Simply click on "More Info" and then "Run Anyway".
MacOS x64 (10.15)83012101d1a66e0bb2bff833d48724f29e4de9fcfef0eea9c89921165e7534a2
The Mac version is still being developed/tested and may not work on your system.
If it is blocked when you try to run it, you may need to allow it through the Security & Privacy page. You can get there by clicking on the question mark in the popup that appears and then clicking on the link on the page that opens.
For other platforms you can download one of the zipped folders below which each contain a script (a .bat or .sh file) that will start the application. The arm64 versions are untested.
Linux x64f9fbebd511078f051ae3f6922872943971c5e8e8c95f54fdbb088e4c0360decf
Windows 64 biteca11e64e16a8f77112dd0effd47d2bd1d1154a737e2b987fa5354a23ab15721
MacOS x64 (10.15)fad3ed4c8cbea108cf3bf11d60eaf6b793645fb37ef124635882f0f37b8226f6
MacOS arm6427c634520707278b80759bacc83dc9b6fa3b29cdf3a49ce166adecb40436f19d
Linux arm648948a6258ef8b72d0a236e6230b00e86fb8999fef54cecb81337f8616afae32d

Verify Download

Please verify your download by comparing the sha256 hash of the file you recieve with the one we provide above. If they do not match then you have not recieved the correct file and should not run it. This may be because of a delay in the updating of the cache of our CDN, or it may be caused by an attacker sending you a malicious file.
To get the sha256 hash of a file open the command prompt/terminal and execute the following command substituting filename for your file (for example C:\Users\Username\Downloads\GlassEditor.exe):


To uninstall/remove the application delete the following folder: