System Requirements

These requirements are approximate and may change in the future.


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Windows 64 bit exe406de9fce410075df123345752806bf74e578d2bde61dc1f395848f63d355a11
You may need to click through the square blue Windows SmartScreen filter. Simply click on "More Info" and then "Run Anyway".
We recomend adding the included java.exe to your Windows Defender Anitivirus Exclusions to improve performance.
For other platforms you can download one of the zipped folders below which each contain a script (a .bat or .sh file) that will start the application.
Windows 32 bit743e505d7d46585c2cb5f675b32d34dd93da0b9a3cbd0aa450dbf12b85f06a14
Windows 64 bitd160ef1c92b8afab9034147defa051975e8f55fe3e3496579903b57c4e7b4b2a
Linux x64931272cec6d2f1a8537ad408e386efaf1bcceede4b30f7f422846f518bd5a79f

Verify Download

Please verify your download by comparing the sha256 hash of the file you recieve with the one we provide above. If they do not match then you have not recieved the correct file and should not run it. This may be because of a delay in the updating of the cache of our CDN, or it may be caused by an attacker sending you a malicious file.
To get the sha256 hash of a file open the command prompt/terminal and execute the following command substituting filename for your file (for example C:\Users\Username\Downloads\GlassEditor.exe):


To uninstall/remove the application delete the following folder: