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Glass Editor

Glass Editor is the fast, high quality development environment where we invent new tools to speed up how you build, debug, and deploy mainly Java programs, but we also have some great tools for web development and general software development in any language as well.
Glass Editor code display


View the current value of variables while debugging instantly, right beside your code. Also view the stack trace of the current thread to easily jump between methods. Click on the next suspended thread button on the top toolbar to jump to the next suspended thread or hover over it to see the list of suspended threads.
debugging variables popups


Our autocomplete shows you all the methods, fields, and variables available at a location sorted based on the surrounding context. It updates as you begin typing the name of the method that you're looking for to allow you to select your target extremely quickly.
autocomplete example


Download and include Maven dependencies declared in POM files from your approved Maven repositories. Tools to analyze and review your dependencies, such as extracting, recompiling and repackaging Maven dependencies and detecting and removing unused methods.

Diff / Merge

Diff and merge any files and commits or folders/trees.
two code files diffed

HTML Editing

Edit HTML files and/or the text inside their rendered result side by side and watch the changes be applied in real time.
html editing side by side with source

File / Database

Access and manipulate files and databases localy or remotely over ssh. Open files inside of zipped folders and even edit them as well. Not all types of remote operating systems may be supported and they may be required to have certain utilities installed to perform certain features.
maven display

Images and SVGS

Create, edit, and combine raster and vector images using our powerful collection of tools. Look out for video editing tools in the future! GIF editing is already partially supported.
hover popups


Track issues, create pull requests for your local git repos, and discuss ideas with your team or your customers in HTML or plain text with granular permissions for viewing, posting, and voting in a tree of groups.
html discussion pane


View your entire git repository and perform all of the common git commands.
git history and commit tab


Video or voice conference with any groups that you are a member of.
video conferencing tab setup
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