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What is Glass?

Glass Editor is a fast, fully featured Java IDE with support for other languages and a built in discussion, issue tracking and video conferencing system.


Track issues and discuss ideas with your team or your customers in HTML or plain text with granular permissions for viewing, posting, and voting in a tree of groups.

HTML Editing

Edit HTML files and their rendered result side by side and watch the changes be applied in real time.


Video or voice conference with any groups that you are a member of.

Diff / Merge

Diff and merge any files and commits or folders/trees.


View the current value of variables while debugging instantly, right beside your code.


View your entire git repository and perform all of the common git commands.

On Hover

Call Hierarchy, Type Hierarchy and Javadoc are all availble when hovering over a name by holding down alt, ctrl or shift respectively.


Our autocomplete shows you all the methods, fields, and variables available at a location, all in about 1/10 of a second most of the time (It may take a bit longer inside very long methods/files).


Automatically download and include maven dependencies in your projects.


We also support running and debugging Apache Tomcat servers, which is what is currently serving you this website!
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